· Nov 1, 2016

WebSocket proxy to telnet

Is there any easy way to create a WebSocket to Telnet proxy within the Cache environment?

I would like to use a html5 telnet emulator to connect to cache, but need to create a proxy,


Is this a simple task?

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I have used in a .NET web application to develop a "proof-of-concept". The code makes use of the System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient .NET class to establish and manage a telnet connection. In my case, I wanted something simple to allow a an authenticated user, to execute a non-interactive shell program over telnet to change their password using an internally hosted web application (not accessible to the public Internet). This had already been done in PHP but I wanted something a bit different and something that integrated well with our existing .NET web application. The concept worked but I was never completely happy with the design approach. 

Cache Web Terminal does provide an interactive shell with intellisense but limitations mean you can't use it like you would use something like PuTTY and the current issue log presents quite a few challenges.