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VSCode Tips & Tricks - Web Terminal

How would you like to be able to access the Web Terminal directly from your VSCode?

This is another entry in the VSCode Tips & Tricks - and it is quite similar to the previous one about the SOAP Wizard.

Same principal, and same result, though different use-case.

So assume you want to open the Web Terminal (and for those of you who are still not familiar with this excellent tool by the amazing @Nikita Savchenko check out it's home page) from VSCode - you can take a similar approach to the one I described in the previous article.

I'll outline the steps again -

  • Open the ObjectScript Extension JSON Settings
  • In the 'conn' object add a 'links' object
  • Inside 'links' add this line
            "$(terminal) WebTerminal": "${serverUrl}/terminal/?ns=${ns}${serverAuth}"


It will look like this -


Once you do this, when you click on the Connection in the bottom Status Bar of VSCode you should find Web Terminal in the menu.

This is mentioned in this VSCode ObjectScript's GitHub Issues discussion (about the ${...} variables used in the URL above), by @John Murray 

Here's a short GIF demonstrating this process (starting off with the standard menu, and finishing with the option to launch the Web Terminal) -


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