Paul Price · Jul 2, 2021

vscode new routines doesn't show up in list

Newly created routines aren't showing up in the list for a namespace, even using the refresh button.

I checked the ^ROUTINE global and the newly created routine is there. Also, I can zload it and zprint it in the namespace. 

Is there another global that is not being populated that vscode uses to build the list?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2018.1.4 (Build 504) Thu May 14 2020 14:24:36 EDT
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Did you create that routine in the VSCode? Where are you looking at it in VSCode?

This is a routine that was already created. I created it by zloading a routine and zsaving it with a new name.

I haven't been successful at creating a new routine through vscode. I get a message that the routine already exists and that there is not an override flag set.

And I use the explorer panel to look for the routine. I use the refresh button there after I created the routine. And I tried the file icon with the + to add a routine.

Also. Just tested this in IRIS on my laptop. When I ^%RI a routine it's not showing up in the explorer. The refresh button does not seem to do anything. I was successful at creating a new routine using the explorer panel and right mouse clicking to get the pop up and using New File. This worked for a new routine. When I tried to do this with the routine I imported, it gives me the error message that it already exists. So vscode knows it's there but it's not showing up in the explorer panel under the namespace.

IRIS includes a bunch of "legacy" routines".
Typically %R*, %G* that you can load by "legacy" commands in a "legacy" session or terminal
(not webterminal or simliar commandline simulatiors)
They are hidden in some way, It is not specific to VSC but the same with Studio.
Though ZL %RI ZS %zRI should create a routine that you can work on. Z*,z*%Z*,%z* is writable Use code

Does your new routine also appear in the ^rINDEX global?

As an aside, I opened an issue on the Intersystems Developer community GITHUB. And they closed it without comment. Has this happened for others? 

You opened issue, in repository related to this Developer Community and issues just only related to this site. You would need to open the issue, in related to VSCode extension repository, here.

I did that. That's where it was closed with no comment by Dyubaylo.

I'm sorry about the confusion. This is the first time I've worked with github and I messed up the original problem.

I'm sorry about the confusion. This is the first time I've worked with github and I messed up the original problem.

As you probably know, there are two explorers in VS Code: client-side (<Ctrl-Shift-E>) and server-side ("ObjectScript", which comes with InterSystems extensions). If you don't see your routine in the first one, you just need to export it using the second one.