· Jul 2, 2021

vscode new routines doesn't show up in list

Newly created routines aren't showing up in the list for a namespace, even using the refresh button.

I checked the ^ROUTINE global and the newly created routine is there. Also, I can zload it and zprint it in the namespace. 

Is there another global that is not being populated that vscode uses to build the list?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2018.1.4 (Build 504) Thu May 14 2020 14:24:36 EDT
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Also. Just tested this in IRIS on my laptop. When I ^%RI a routine it's not showing up in the explorer. The refresh button does not seem to do anything. I was successful at creating a new routine using the explorer panel and right mouse clicking to get the pop up and using New File. This worked for a new routine. When I tried to do this with the routine I imported, it gives me the error message that it already exists. So vscode knows it's there but it's not showing up in the explorer panel under the namespace.