· Jun 1, 2020

Voting in the InterSystems IRIS Native API Programming Contest!

Hi Community!

This week is a voting week for the InterSystems IRIS Native API Programming Contest! We have 8 applications — so you have a set of applications to choose from!


How to vote? This is easy: you will have one vote, and your vote goes either in Experts Nomination or in Community Nomination.

Experts Nomination

If you are InterSystems Product Manager, or DC moderator, or Global Master from Specialist level and above cast your vote in the Expert nomination.

Community Nomination

If you ever contributed to DC (posts or replies) and this was not considered as spam you are able to vote for the applications in the Community nomination.


Voting takes place on the Open Exchange Contest Page and you need to sign in to Open Exchange - you can do it with your DC account credentials.

If you changed your mind, cancel the choice and give your vote to another application - you have 7 days to choose!

Contest participants are allowed to fix the bugs and make improvements to their applications during the voting week, so don't miss and subscribe to application releases!

➡️ Also, please check out the Judgment and Voting Rules for the Contest here.

So, developers! 

Give the vote to the best solution on InterSystems IRIS! You decide!

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After the first day of the voting we have:

Expert Nomination, Top 3

  1. MongoDB to IRIS migration – 6
  2. ObjectScript Kernel – 6
  3. WebSocket Client JS with IRIS Native API as Docker Micro Server – 2


The leaderboard.

Community Nomination, Top 3

  1. WebSocket Client JS with IRIS Native API as Docker Micro Server – 10
  2. iris-python-suite – 6
  3. MongoDB to IRIS migration – 2


The leaderboard.

Developers! Support the applications you like!

Participants! Improve and promote your solutions!

Hi guys!

I just want to share with you a few details, that we have this whole week for voting and to let you fix bugs and improve the app, to describe (in articles) and show(in videos) how your application works and why is it cool! And so you do!

And if you see sometimes that the number of your votes decreased that means that somebody from votes changed his mind in favor of another participant. Probably because your colleague just has posted an exciting article or submitted the video!

To all participants!

Thank you very much for your outstanding contributions! The only thing I regret that I can vote only once!