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Hi Elisha,

I happened to have worked on a somehow similar request recently, even if not with the use of the FTP adapter within a production, but with the %Net.FtpSession class directly.

The short answer is probably that we do have support for the "new" SSLUseSessionResumption property, starting with the IRIS 2022.1 release.
The matching documentation in the  %Net.FtpSession class:

property SSLUseSessionResumption

Using the 2022.1 release, and the %Net.FtpSession class, you could adapt your code to include an extra set on the matching property, like "set ftp.SSLUseSessionResumption = 1"

In order to use the same property within the FTP adapter, it gets a bit more complex:
the matching change will come into the product with the 2022.2+ releases.

I would suggest that you perform a quick test using the %Net.FtpSession class in a 2022.1 installation, just to confirm that the use of the SSLUseSessionResumption property will allow the code to connect to your specific SFTP server.

Once you have that confirmed, you will probably want to open a WRC Support request to see if the change could be made available into your current release.


To get a list of the built-in aliases, try ":?", this is from 2021.1 for example:

 :<number>    Recall command # <number>
 :?           Display help
 :alias       Create/display aliases
 :clear       Clear history buffer
 :history     Display command history
 :unalias     Remove aliases

Note how indeed we don't have :sql in the 2021.1 release, it came later..

Buongiorno Robert,

Indeed "iris session" doesn't exist (yet) in the Windows world, but it will probably come at some point in the future.

The "InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide" happens to have been updated recently to clarify this point, suggesting the use of the terminal/console/run options instead.

Your example could look as follow:

iris terminal IRIS JOBEXAM %SYS


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