· Jan 21 1m read

Debugging a crashing container

I have been struggling with a docker run command that kept crashing, the error message was too generic to point me to the right direction.

Since the container is shut down after the failure, I was unable to login to it in order to figure out the problem.

I had to run the container in a way that I'll be able to log into it before it crashed, so I found the adding  -u false prevents the docker run command to run the iris session IRIS and the container stayed up and running. then I was able to log into it using:

docker exec -it <container id / name> /bin/bash

inside the container I was able to try running iris session and figure out the issue it had.

my problem was running Provider Directory which didn't come with default IRIS namespace, rather with HSPD

so I had to add to my docker command -i HSPD in order for it to look for HSPD instead of IRIS.



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