· Sep 17, 2018

Is there a function similar to Oracle's CDC in the cache database?

After enabling archiving log functions, Oracle can get real-time change data through CDC.

Can Cache database realize such functions?

My requirement is to take incremental data from the cache database regularly every day and synchronize it to other relational databases.

Incremental data can be text files.

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I will add it. For example, the amount of data in my cache database has reached 10Tb, I have imported this 10Tb data into hadoop hdfs, and then analyze it through hbase. However, business data continues to be generated. The cache does not support direct docking of hdfs to store data. Therefore, I need the same cdc record table as oracle to store all dml and ddl operations. I only need to extract the data from the cdc record table. Do the corresponding operation in hdfs. The journal records the information of the global. If it is out of the cache, the global information is useless. So many times we need data at the table level.

From what I've gathered from Oracle, CDC is just a way to replicate data onto another system. If that's what you're looking for, Caché mirroring is the answer you're looking for. Take a look at:

That's the general mirroring information for how it works. Contained in that chapter is information about reporting asyncs, which is what it sounds like Oracle's CDC is for:

Though, it looks like Oracle replicates data to a different database on the same system, which mirroring will not allow. If you want to do replication to a different database on the same instance (though I can't think of a use case for that), you could use shadowing instead:

I would recommend the DSTIME approach as well. We use this for syncing up information from our cache ERP to our BI tool. DeepSea is actually using DSTIME to show changes as well. 

With using DSTIME you are allowed to write code and determine what DSTime batches you want to synchronize with, allowing you to fully control how often you want to sync up data. 

How to get the complete journal?