Robert Cemper · Jan 21, 2020 1m read


As a feedback to all the reviews of 2019  I'd like to express  a big

Thank You All !

  • for your interest
  • for the discussions with you
  • fo the positive feedback and your votes
  • especially for the broad inspiration that your questions triggered
  • for the possibility to  make use of almost 50 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in a useful way

At my age of 72 yrs. (almost),  it is of importance to me that my brain still gets enough
food and challenges for creative thinking. And that retirement from the job doesn't
mean to retire from thinking.

I'm really proud to be part of this strong and active community! 


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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'm really proud to collaborate and discuss engineering problems with you every day on InterSystems Community!

Thanks for contributing to almost every activity we invent on DC, Global Masters, and Open Exchange! ;) You really make sense of almost every process we introduce here.

Thanks for your daily contribution as a moderator and advisor for DC!

And I promise we will keep introducing challenges ;) 

Thank you, Robert!

Great job Robert. The community appreciates that you are so active and bring in you lifetime experience. Thank you.

Robert - when you retired from InterSystems several years ago my biggest disappointment was thinking I would lose track of you and no longer be able to learn from your wealth of experience in our technology.  It's a joy to still be able to do that through the D.C. :)

Thank you for your continued involvement and contribution!!

I hope all is well with you :)


Ben (former coworker with a high admiration for your technical abilities)