Kevin Furze · Sep 5, 2017

studio output window - what can we do with it ? (not atelier)

version 2016.2.1 on windows

I accidently clicked the mouse into the output window of studio (where you get the compile results etc) and typed soemthing in there (by mistake) and it came back with <SYNTAX>.

I've been playing with it further, and it's like a cut down version of terminal.

I can "s x=1" and the "w x" and sure enough, it will display "1" (ie the value of x)

when I call one of my utilities ie "d ^dev", my utility runs as expected, but when I try entering a value (my utility was waiting on a read *x) it generated a <SYNTAX> error.

so it seems that it will generate "output" (or at least from my utility), it will not respond to prompts within the utility. It will accept read and writes (generating local variables)

I can theoretically d ^%G inside the output window but again it will not wait for it's own read command.

I can "zw ^numbers" and it will happily list the contents


so . . . whats the use, can I do anything clever with it ??



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This feature available from v.2012, you can use it as terminal, also useful when debugging, but don't type kill  without arguments - it's bad idea ;)

Interesting, can you expand this subject a bit or point the documentation? I'm also interested about how to capture user input using the Studio's output.

Oops, I missed the phrase about user input
As far as I know, commands for reading input do not work in the output window

Hello Kevin,

From my experience you cannot use Studio's output window to ask for input from the user and I think that's because the Studio's output window  is not really a terminal device.

I also tried to read the input from this device without success as well. I hope  I'm wrong and you can find an answer for that (and mine as well).