Studio Keyboard Functions

So I finally decided to try out Atelier after having used Studio for who knows how many years. I primarily edit int files directly and am used to all the keyboard shortcuts in Studio. I was fiddling with the preferences under keys but have not got Atelier to behave very well for:

F2 = Jump to next bookmark

<Ctrl><F2> = Toggle bookmark

<F3> = Find Next, <shift><F3> = Find Previous

I can't find any equivalent to F12 to open the currently highlighted routine and jump to that entry point.

Should these things work in Atelier? Do others use these keys heavily like I do?

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Hi Michael,
Using Studio's keyboard heavily, I can add to your list:
Shift-F2 - jump to previous bookmark
F6, Shift-F6 - switch to next and previous opened routine/class window
Ctrl-F7 - compile current routine/class
F7 - [re]compile the whole project
Ctrl-F9, F9, Shift-F9 - deal with break points (similar logic as with bookmarks)
Ctrl-E, Ctrl-Shift-E - switch to full commands/functions names, switch back to shortcuts
Ctrl-Shift-O - open project
Ctrl-O - open routine/class/etc.

P.S. Have not tried Atelier yet.