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Hi Jordan,

Looking at the method implementation, the Remainder is being overwritten from the method. So your assignment before GetFieldStreamRaw() method call is not considered.

Set Remainder="^^PDF"

If you need to set the "^^PDF" at the end of the segment, I would set it before Storing the stream.

Set tSC=OBX.SetValueAt("OBX",0)
Set tSC=OBX.SetValueAt("RP",2)
Set tSC=OBX.SetValueAt("PDF",5.4)
Set tSC=OBX.StoreFieldStreamRaw(EmbeddedPDF,5.1,Remainder)

We had a similar issue with the object insertion to a parent object.

The way we were able to ensure the sequence, was saving the parent object on each insert. There is an overhead and not the most efficient process.

Since we were saving the same object without closing it, no additional parents are created.

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