· Sep 25, 2017

September 2017 DC Release

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to announce that we deployed a new release of Developer Community.

With this release we introduce:

1. New post type is introduced: Announcement

Choose Announcement as a post type if you want to say about a new product or feature release, about some new services in your company, if it is event announcement or there is a new job position open in your company.

E.g. here is an announcement, this is another example of event announcement and this very post is an announcement too.

Announcement post has "loudspeaker" sign in the post feed. See the examples:

2. Improvements to Engage Answers Accepting

We try to engage question authors to mark answers as accepted (of course if the answer is appropriate). This release comes with yet another solution in this field. We introduced:

  • Popup reminder in question if there is a new answer;
  • Special links in notifications.

Ask your new question and see how it works. Your feedback is highly appreciated

3. Relevant Articles

We added "Relevant articles" block in the bottom of every article to let continue reading with relevant content.

E.g. here is the block in InterSystems Cloud Manager and Containers at GS2017 XP-Lab article:

Need your feedback on this feature if it shows really relevant articles.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed menu in mobile view;

Code highlighting now works again.

Stay tuned for the next release and introduce your issues here in comments or and enhancement requests and other issues in the DC Feedback group!

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Hi, Rubens!

Generally, Feedback group is intended for DC issues and is hidden from the main feed.

We moved feedback requests from the main feed last year cause there were so many requests that they overlapped technical discussions very much.

This year DC engine works better and there are few issues to it, so I don't mind if we can discuss some DC problems on the main feed from time to time as your post about accepting answers. If you feel that you need more focus and discussion on the particular DC problem it worth to have it on the main feed.

So it's up to you.