Alexander Koblov · Mar 4, 2016

Save file on disk not on server

Currently when class is saved in Atelier it is automatically saved on disk and on server (if there is an active connection).

Is there any way to save file with class or routine just on disk, but not on server?

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I recall from the private beta period that they were talking about offering this as an option. Haven't found it in the field test build I'm currently using (

Hi Alexander, it hasn't been implemented yet. We currently offer two options for server save action, "Save and Compile" and "Save Only". May I ask why you would like a "Save to local only" option?

Hmmm. This is changed from the private beta. In the private beta version there was a save or "build" option. Save meant save locally and "build" meant to push the change to the server and compile. It looks like this got lost somewhere along the way. It was not meant to be.