David Foard · Sep 7, 2018

Remove FHS segment from file

Is there any out of the box capability in Ensmeble to remove an FHS segment from a batch file? We have a client that is creating a batch of HL7 messages and they insert an FHS but there is no trailing FTS.

We are hoping to avoid custom COS code to handle this scenario.

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I just confirmed this behavior on Health Connect 2017.2.2.

I set up an HL7 Business Services to treat messages as individual HL7.  See the Business Service setting Batch Handling of "Individual".  I then passed in an HL7 with FHS and BHS headers, but no matching footers.  This sample HL7 data generated separate HL7 objects within the application.

I then set up an HL7 Business Operation to write this object to a file.  I confirmed that "Auto Batch Parent Segs" was unchecked.  The resulting HL7 data was saved without any HL7 batch header information.

I hope this helps.

The majority of my Ancillary billing files in HL7 are batch. In the structure I have just made FHS, BHS,FTS,FHS all optional. In my DTL, I am only processing those messages that truly begin with a MSH segment.