Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 10, 2018

Changes in Global Masters Program: New Level, New Badges, New Possibilities

Hi Community!

As you know we have Global Masters program — InterSystems Data Platform Advocacy Hub

All Global Masters members (Advocates) can achieve various levels of advocacy which depends on contributions on Developer Community and activity in Global Masters. 

Every new level opens new type of challenges/tasks and new types of rewards.

We are excited by how engaged you are with Global Masters but realised that we have a really great gap between initial level Insider and the next level Specialist. Indeed, Specialist level demands really great achievements: 10 articles, 10 questions on DC, article with 1,000 views.

So we introduced a new level of advocacy with name "Advocate".

See the details below.

So, member advances to "Advocate" level if gets any 3 of the following new badges:

Badge's Name

DC Author

Awarded after you published your first article on Developer Community.


Awarded after you published your first question on Developer Community.

DC Commenter

Awarded after you published your first comment on Developer Community.

DC Problem Solver

Awarded after your first answer was marked as the accepted answer on Developer Community.

DC Recruiter

Awarded after your first referral has joined Developer Community.

Global Master of the Month

Awarded after you became the Advocate of the Month on Global
Masters Advocacy Hub.

We introduced new challenges and rewards which available for Advocate level only – check it out!  

The full list of badges can be found in the dedicated  Global Masters Badges Descriptions post.

If you have not joined InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub yet, let's get started right now! Details you will find here.

And we promise continuously introduce new interesting opportunities and rewards for different levels - stay tuned!yes

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Cool! Are any of these retroactively added?

Hi, David! Yes, actually all of them are already listed in your profile if you happen to accomplish it in the past.

Yes, the badges seem to get awarded retrospectively. But for some reason the Challenges section of my Global Masters page still lists the associated challenges for two badges I've already received:

I had the same experience.
I moved it to "Later" to get it out of sight.

Hi, John!

Yes, we had the issue here - it is fixed now.

Thanks for pointing this out!

Hey, I think these are still glitched for me. The commenter and question posting badges and also the corresponding challenges are never unlocking for me, after over a week of activity.

If I've been "Global Master of the Month", may I claim the badge?

Good point. The retro stuff seems to react only partially.

Hi Francisco!

Did it for you.

Now all advocates of the month have their own "Global Master of the Month" badge! yes