Programmatically read productdescription from other namespaces


With productdescription i mean what you se in the productionclass for each namespace (if there is a productionclass) between the tags <Description></Description>. You can set value from manager portal on product settings.

What i want to do, is in a production in the process (with cos) get that description from any other namespace. Wihout to do any global mappings . Then i want to access the content in that productionclass and read out the value from<Description>Value</Description>.


I will take a look at $SYSTEM.SYS.NameSpace() as suggested



Execute this SQL in every namespace you need to get a list of production classes and their descriptions:

ID, Description
FROM Ens_Config.Production

Here's a sample project with query that executes in every Ensemble namespace. Also article about writing custom queries.


What do you mean by "productdescription" ?

What is "productdescription"? How do you access it now? Use this code to switch namespaces:

new $namespace
set $namespace = <Other namespace>
do stuff

Docs for $namespace, zn.