· Mar 28, 2019

Problem starting production

Hope someone can help me,  so i was developing a script and during the tests I was using the csession to execute a method. Also i thought i had to stop the instance i was using, so I used the ccontrol stop [instanceName] to stop the instance, but when i restarted the instance i got this error trying to start my production, I have an idea of what's the problem but i don't know how to fix it.

ERRO <Ens>ErrException: <FILEFULL>zStartProduction+62^Ens.Director.1 ^Ens.Runtime("Name"),/hs-connect-hom/db/BPINTEGRADEV-GLB/ -- - registrado no log como '-' número - @' Set ^Ens.Runtime("Name")=pProductionName'
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If you see an error message in brackets, this documentation would be a good place to look to find out what it means:

<FILEFULL> can indicate issues with the actual disk filling up, but you can also run into it if you have configured and reached a maximum database size.

You can check that setting in the management portal at System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Local Databases, or you can use the ^DATABASE utility as documented here: