· Feb 25, 2022

Optimal Apache/Web Gateway settings

After what is seemed was weeks, I finally got SSL/TLS enabled on both Apache Web Server and IRIS using the Web Gateway. However while we can now use HTTPS to connect to our Development instance of IRIS, I am running into several errors when I have others try to access the Management Portal via HTTPS.

We are seeing...

  • "Unexpected status code, unable to process Hyper Event: Internal Server Error (500)"
  • Server Unavailable

Does anyone have a Optimal settings list that I need to set for Apache/Web Gateway https? I am assuming the errors listed above are some kind of time out or settings somewhere.


Scott Roth

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2021.2 (Build 649U) Thu Jan 20 2022 08:46:29 EST
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I have tried what it suggested but now I am getting the following error and can not start apache...

[root@xxxxxxx conf.modules.d]# apachectl configtest
[Mon Feb 28 11:00:01.370361 2022] [so:warn] [pid 762836:tid 140580690286912] AH01574: module cgid_module is already loaded, skipping
AH00534: httpd: Configuration error: More than one MPM loaded.
[root@int-lxiris-vd01 conf.modules.d]#

I also have noticed as soon as I turned on SSL/TLS on the web gateway I start getting 

  • Server Unavailable

but as soon as I turn it off it works again. Is it truly secure at that point?

It's tough to say without knowing your config and what exactly was done. For the second error at least it seems reasonably clear what could be causing it, maybe that will help to resolve the first error as well? I'm not an Apache expert so take my personal advice with a grain of salt, I just know that many people have found Mark's article to be helpful.