· May 15

ObjectScript code examples help

Trying to gather basic code examples written in ObjectScript and realized it's probably easiest to ask the people who know what they're doing!

I'm looking for examples of the following five prompts all in ObjectScript:

Prompt 1. Write a function that partitions the array into two subarrays: one with all even integers, and the other with all odd integers. Return your result in the following format:

[[evens], [odds]]

Prompt  2. Create a function that computes the hamming distance between two strings

Prompt  3. Make a function that encrypts a given input with these steps:

Input: "apple"

Step 1: Reverse the input: "elppa"

Step 2: Replace all vowels using the following chart:

a => 0
e => 1
i => 2
o => 2
u => 3

// "1lpp0"

Step 3: Add "aca" to the end of the word: "1lpp0aca"

Output: "1lpp0aca"


encrypt("banana") ➞ "0n0n0baca"

encrypt("karaca") ➞ "0c0r0kaca"

encrypt("burak") ➞ "k0r3baca"

encrypt("alpaca") ➞ "0c0pl0aca"

Prompt  4.  Write a function that returns true if all characters in a string are identical and false otherwise.


isIdentical("aaaaaa") ➞ true

isIdentical("aabaaa") ➞ false

isIdentical("ccccca") ➞ false

isIdentical("kk") ➞ true

Prompt  5. Create a function that takes a string and returns a string in which each character is repeated once.


Any other examples of basic coding challenges you can think of would also be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Class DC.Samples Extends %RegisteredObject

/// partition an array into two subarrays
/// return [[even], [odd]]
ClassMethod Task1a(x As %DynamicArray) As %DynamicArray
	set t(0)=[],t(1)=[]
	for i=0:1:x.%Size()-1 do t(x.%Get(i)#2).%Push(x.%Get(i))
	quit [(t(0)),(t(1))]

/// partition an array into two subarrays
/// return [[even], [odd]]
ClassMethod Task1b(x As %DynamicArray) As %DynamicArray
	set t(0)=[], t(1)=[], i=x.%GetIterator()
	while i.%GetNext(,.v) {  do t(v#2).%Push(v) }
	quit [(t(0)),(t(1))]

/// hamming distance of two strings
ClassMethod Task2(x As %String, y As %String) As %Integer
	if $l(x)-$l(y) quit "<Error>"	// strings have to be the same length
	set r=0
	for i=1:1:$l(x) set r=$e(x,i)'=$e(y,i)+r
	quit r

/// encrypt an string
ClassMethod Task3(x As %String) As %String
	quit $tr($re(x),"aeiou","01223")_"aca"

/// check a string for identical chars
ClassMethod Task4(x As %String) As %Boolean
	quit $tr(x,$e(x))=""

/// double chars
ClassMethod Task5(x As %String) As %String
	f i=$l(x):-1:1 s $e(x,i)=$e(x,i)_$e(x,i)
	q x