· Mar 14, 2023

? No Terminal access to docker images ?

To prepare a migration to IRIS I use Docker images.
The (aged) application is built around Caché Terminal
And on Windows,  IRIS uses the same ctelnetd.exe as Caché.

In my Docker installation, Telnet Settings are just grayed out in SMP.
and my Terminal can't 'connect.
Port mapping is OK and verified with TCP

Working from the console in Docker  with the whole set of ESC and
screen formatting is not acceptable.
We tried WebTerminal but there is just no Partition behind as in Terminal.

How can I switch on Telnet support in the Docker image?

Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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I installed telnet in an IRIS container using:

docker exec -u root -it <container-name> apt-get install telnet

Then tested it using:

docker exec -u root -it <container-name> telnet <target-ip> <target-port>

This requires your container to be networked with the target. So a full example:

    docker network create networkECP
    docker network connect networkECP iris-data-server
    docker network connect networkECP iris-app-1
    docker network inspect networkECP
    docker exec -u root -it iris-app-1 ping iris-data-server
    docker exec -u root -it iris-app-1 apt-get update && apt-get install telnet
    docker exec -u root -it iris-app-1 telnet iris-data-server 1972

Your issue with screen formatting is very interesting, it deserves a separate topic. I have not seen any issues yet with it. While I’d like to find a way to improve a standard IRIS terminal, like irissqlcli, I’d like to see the most challenging parts like this.

webTerminal obviously not a right tool for it. As a replacement for it, you can try to use ttyd, I use it for irissqlcli-web