Robert Cemper · Nov 30, 2021

My Reviews on Open Exchange - Nov. 2021

If one of your packages on OEX receives a review you get notified by OEX only on YOUR package.
​​​So @Evgeny Shvarov  suggested publishing my monthly summary of my reviews here in DC.
It reflects my experience with the status I found at the time of my review.

It is kind of a snapshot and might have changed meanwhile.
I also placed a bunch of Pull Requests on Github when I found a problem I could fix.
Some were accepted and merged, some just ignored. 
So if you did a major change and expect a changed review just let me know. 

# Package Review Stars
1 appmsw-dbdeploy great helper for solution providers 6* 6.0
2 iris-r-gateway-template an excellent 6* template 6.0
3 API Security Mediator efficient granular access control 5.5* 5.5
4 isc-apptools-lockdown a 5*+ helper for System Managers 5.5
5 passwords-tool a must for every sys-admin 5.5* 5.5
6 appmsw-docbook LOCAL + readable DOCBOOK is back !!! 5.0
7 appmsw-forbid-old-passwd simple but important security feature 5.0
8 appmsw-util extremely useful for SysManagers 5.0
9 apptools-admin an exceptional tool 5.0
10 Audit Mediator practice audit 5.0
11 config-copy excellent utility - excellent feature 5.0
12 DeepSeeWeb Angular Face for your IRIS BI (DeepSee) dashboards 5.0
13 FHIR-HL7v2-SQL-Demo a pleasure to test 5.0
14 IRIS Big Data SQL Adapter 8 containers at work 5.0
15 IRIS Publisher a straight forward example 5.0
16 iris-readonly-interop a first class supervisor tool 5.0
17 iris-saml-example for SAML specialists 5.0
18 John Conway's Game of Life an excellent prepared example 5.0
19 JSON Web Token Generator 3 variants to build Docker container 5.0
20 LabResultsVerification-hl7 well prepared and complete package 5.0
21 Open API Client Gen Impressive work ! 5.0
22 RESTFileTransfer a remarkable easy solution to start 5.0
23 website-analyzer a real interoperability challenge 5.0
24 zapm-editor Excellent for command line development 5.0
0 148
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I have to add a few personal remarks.

This issue of the monthly reviews is exceptional as there is no package rated below 5*
In that sense, you may feel it be a Christmas edition.  And that's true for me.
It points out that the quality of contributions has significantly improved.
And as I try every package myself  I find problems and sometimes solutions too,
that I post as Pull Request on GitHub.
Pls understand, if I place Pull Request it is meant as help, suggestion but never as critics.

Some of you have already consumed this support as a kind of field testing.
And I offer it again to you to improve the quality of your package also before publishing.
My resources at home are of course limited and connections to external systems are not available.
I don't have medical devices or a machine park at home.

In addition, I'd like to thank you for your trust and your examples.
And over time I learned a lot about Docker configurations and various tricks to run them.
And there are areas where I just have no expertise. I skip these subjects.

You are an exceptional society and I enjoy again and again to work with you

Hi Robert, thank you for the amazing work you do for the community. Your reviews are such a help for all the developers looking for a solution on OEX!

Calling all the developers to join such a practice leaving reviews for the application you tried! That is a great help for all (and good points for you on Global Masters for each review) :) 

Thanks Cemper, your reviews and tips help me to do better apps

Thank you so much Robert.
Your high professionalism and subtle sense of humor adorns our community.

it is in row #12,
I write the name of the package and the title of my review(as a link)
and not every review goes immediately  to the monthly list if I'm still in doubts as it may change