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My Reviews on Open Exchange - Okt.2021

If one of your packages on OEX receives a review you don't get notified by OEX only on YOUR package.
​​​So @Evgeny Shvarov  suggested publishing my monthly summary of my reviews here in DC.
It reflects my experience with the status I found at the time of my review.

It is kind of a snapshot and might have changed meanwhile.
I also placed a bunch of Pull Requests on Github when I found a problem I could fix.
Some were accepted and merged, some just ignored. 
So if you did a major change and expect a changed review just let me know. 


# Package Review Stars IPM *
1 isc-live-global-mover an excellent 6* tool 6.0 y  
2 JSON-Filter an impressive 6* package 6.0 y  
3 Cogs JSON Class a perfect solution 5.0    
4 Config-API No one running and supporting more than 2 configurations should miss it! 5.0 y  
5 Healthcare HL7 XML Super demo 5.0    
6 isc-global-size-tracing a handy tool for external monitoring 5.0 y  
7 JSONExportManyToMany A perfect package 5.0    
8 OCR Service a surprising production experience 5.0    
9 Test Coverage Tool Eventually we have some tool to help testers 5.0 y  
10 WebSocketsTutorial an excellent base to start 5.0    
11 ensemble-interoperability-formation complete entry to interoperability 4.5    
12 fhir-chatbot A giant container 4.5    
13 ThirdPartyChartPortlets Excellent 4.5    
14 Forgery very clear documentation 3.0    
15 ObjectScript-Foreach partially working 3.0    
16 ensemble-smime for scouts 2.5    
17 String Datatype - Regular Expression It is working 2.5    
18 dataking-server rather disappointing 2.0    
19 irismysql maybe useful for scripting ? 2.0    
20 Cache-Ansible out of date 1.0    
21 cache-node-client What is expected to do ? 1.0    
22 Ansible-Cacherestore out of date 0.5    
23 cachecmd IRIS or CACHÉ ? 0.5    



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