Multiple Rulesets



In my routing rules I'd like to work with multiple rulesets. When running the proces, it only seems to execute the first ruleset.

Is it possible to have multiple rulesets active in the same business rule, or is there another way to not have to jam all rules in the same ruleset?

Thanks in advance,

Joost Houwen

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Earlier in Ensemble there was a settings in routing rule to execute all or execute till it succeed.

Interesting part is, now we don't have that.

But, many of us often do this mistake. Look at your individual rules, if you have "return" in it. If so, then it is doing what is expected. If you want all your rules to be executed, you need to remove those 'return'.


That's a shame.

We have two different rule sets and wanted to run both for a message.

So, this  means now we gotta copy all the rules in the second rule set on to the first rule set...

That way everything will be more untidy...