· Sep 8, 2022

Meet the Global Masters Winners for August 2022!

It's time to announce the Winners for August! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in August:

🥇 @Muhammad WaseemHIS Team Lead, International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
🥈 @Robert Cemperex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria
🥉 @Mario.Sanchez-Macias , Senior Support Specialist & Technical Account Manager, InterSystems, Spain
🥉 @Lucas Enard , Student, ESILV Paris, France

   Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

About @Muhammad Waseem


  • 📝 5 comments on DC
  • 🔄 6 translations of articles on DC
  • 🏅Gold Translator Badge for translating 50 articles from DC in English
  • 🏅Popular Writer Badge for 750 views of his post on Developer Community
  • 🔝VIP level achieved  

Congratulations on becoming VIP, Muhammad! 🎉 Thank you for your incredible contributions to our community.

Muhammad is from Lahore, Pakistan, Currently living at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Read complete Muhammad's bio in this post.

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About @Robert Cemper 

  • 📝 1 post and 32 comments on DC
  • 🎓 11 accepted answers
  • 👍 3 reviews on Open Exchange

 Congratulations, Robert! 

Robert C. Cemper is an ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems in Darmstadt. He has been 45 years in this profession and worked for more than 12 years directly for InterSystems. Personal mission statement: "For an engineer ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ doesn’t exist"

Read complete and inspiring Robert's bio in this post.

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About @Mario.Sanchez-Macias


  • 📝 6 comments on DC
  • 🎓 1 accepted answer
  • 🏅 Bronze Master of Answers badge for 10 accepted answers

 Congratulations, Mario! 

" - How long are you in this profession/industry?
I have worked for over 25 years in IT as a developer, project manager and technology architect. However, I have spent most of the time helping our customers in Support by solving problems and building long-term relationships with key customers.    
  - How long have you been working with InterSystems technology?
Almost 20 years!
   - What are your key areas of expertise?
I am more specialized in Systems and Performance, but I also like writing applications. i.e., I know a little bit of everything ;-)    
  - Other facts about you:
I am from Madrid but have been living in several places (Barcelona and Dublin). One of my hobbies is playing table tennis.

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About @Lucas Enard


  • 📝 5 articles and 7 comments on DC
  • 💻 6 new applications on Open Exchange
  • 🏅 Best Practices Author Badge for the first article with Best Practices tag
  • 🏅Silver Open Exchange Developer Badge for 10 Apps on OEX
  • 🏅Blogger Badge for 10 articles on DC
  • 🏅Popular Writer Badge for 750 views of his post on Developer Community

 Congratulations, Lucas! Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas! 🤩

"I am a French student that joined an Engineering school after a preparatory class in theoretical mathematics and physic. For my fourth year of study I discovered InterSystems and asked them to be part of their team as I was sure I would learn so much with them. Therefore, I found an internship as a Sales Engineer at InterSystems France ( 04/2022 - 08/2022 ), this was a really great experience and I would like to thank the French team for their hard work and the way the helped me integrate the team.
Nowadays and I'm currently starting my last year ( The fifth year ) of my engineering studies at ESILV Paris, where I'm specialized in IT, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. To start the scholar year, I'll be doing an academical exchange to Prague in the Czech Republic for 6 months starting this Wednesday ( 09/2022 - 02/2023 ).
I'm passionate about IT and was amazed by InterSystems' technologies and really grateful to be able to work on them and possibly work on them in the future as well. In my free time I love to cook, play video games with friends or just discover new things about IT on YoutTube or Reddit.
I'm currently looking for an internship of 6 months in DataScience, AI or IT in general to end my cursus, when I return from Prague in March 2023."
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Thanks to all the winners for your constant great contribution to InterSystems Developer Community! 

Let's congratulate our Heroes in the comments below!

About Global Master of the Month competition on Global Masters Advocate Hub: we nominate advocates every month who have gone the extra mile by being highly engaged in the Global Masters and Developer Community. Winners get 1000 points and a special badge. We also offer for winners to publish their bio – now in the article on the Developer Community! 

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