· May 30, 2019

Meet Francisco López – the first Moderator of Spanish Developer Community!

Hi Community!

We're pleased to officially welcome @Kurro Lopez as a first moderator of InterSystems Spanish Community!

Let's greet Francisco with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

Francisco López de las Heras is a young 46 years-old boy from Málaga (Spain). He never stops learning, very curious with new technologies. In addition, Advocate of year 2017 Spain.

Some words from Francisco:

— I'm always working in healthcare business, Insurances and reinsurances (Keyhelp, Sequel, CSC...).
For 4 years I'm working at Salutic Soluciones, SL ( – healthcare software company with great experience in the sector. Since 2 years I'm working as Project Manager and Head of Interoperability department.

Francisco about his experience with InterSystems technology:

— My first contact with Intersystems Ensemble was 3 years ago when a project for a health insurer entrusted us with an integration project. It was a "love at first sight", since then I have not stopped investigating, trying new tricks and putting Ensemble to the limit.

— I hope to offer my experience and my knowledge to all who need it.

Here are some photos from Malaga. Our DC Team meet @Kurro Lopez after the "J on the Beach" conference in May 2019. Say hi to @Alberto Fuentes@David Reche@Dmitry Maslennikov, @Evgeny Shvarov & @Anastasia Dyubaylo  wink



Thank you and congratulations, Francisco! Hope you will be a great Moderator!  yes

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