Meet Francisco López – the first Moderator of Spanish Developer Community!

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Hi Community!

We're pleased to officially welcome @Francisco López as a first moderator of InterSystems Spanish Community!

Let's greet Francisco with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

Francisco López de las Heras is a young 46 years-old boy from Málaga (Spain). He never stops learning, very curious with new technologies. In addition, Advocate of year 2017 Spain.

Some words from Francisco:

— I'm always working in healthcare business, Insurances and reinsurances (Keyhelp, Sequel, CSC...).
For 4 years I'm working at Salutic Soluciones, SL ( – healthcare software company with great experience in the sector. Since 2 years I'm working as Project Manager and Head of Interoperability department.

Francisco about his experience with InterSystems technology:

— My first contact with Intersystems Ensemble was 3 years ago when a project for a health insurer entrusted us with an integration project. It was a "love at first sight", since then I have not stopped investigating, trying new tricks and putting Ensemble to the limit.

— I hope to offer my experience and my knowledge to all who need it.

Here are some photos from Malaga. Our DC Team meet @Francisco López after the "J on the Beach" conference in May 2019. Say hi to @Alberto Fuentes@David Reche@Dmitriy Maslennikov, @Evgeny Shvarov & @Anastasia Dyubaylo  wink



Thank you and congratulations, Francisco! Hope you will be a great Moderator!  yes


Hola Francisco !

Málaga is a splendid place. 
I was there several times privately (with all related sightseeing) and on business.
Always a great experience! 
I wish my Spanish (reading) was not so rusted to assist in tranlsation of articles.

especially this one Uso de expresiones regulares en ObjectScript

Bienvenido, Robert

As says the song.... "Words don't came easy to me, How can I find a way to say.. THANKS"

I see you in Spanish Developer Community and this community too wink

Best regards

Francisco López

So when is the next Malaga meetup? I would like to join if possible.


Hello @Pasi Leino 

We are very sure that probably we will again at this time will be from May 13th to 15th of course in Málaga

Please be on tune. We will be talking about this in the coming months