Macro Conversion

how to convert $$zt^%zu2f%zt to macro?

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That's one hell of a name, but I suppose it's:

#define YourMacro   $$zt^%zu2f%zt

And if there's any parameter:

#define YourMacro(%yourparam)   $$zt^%zu2f%zt(%yourparam)

Routines can't be named as "%zu2f%zt" because only the first letter of routine name can be "%". Maybe such "name" occured due to some encoding, having in mind that $char($zhex("2F"))="/"? If so, the original could look like:


If so, a macro can be defined as:

#define YourMacro(%yourparam)   $$zt^%zu/%yourparam

My guess is that the OP is working on a Caché system that supports the U2 language mode. Seeing the $ZVERSION string should tell us.

Do you think that strange name is from MultiValue stuff?
If so, not sure if it's possible to define macros in MultiValue .

I agree with John.  That looks like something that I might expect to see in U2 language mode.  The $ZV string will tell us whether this build even supports U2 code (the $ZV string will have U2/M in it).