Jeffrey Drumm · Apr 4

On-Line Class Documentation Formatting Broken

Looks like someone's been messing with the style sheets ...I've tried Edge, Chrome and Firefox and for all the versions I've checked, the class docs are formatted like this:

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Hey Jeffrey - I see the same thing. I'd encourage you to use the feedback button on the right side of the docs page if you see something like this in the future. I've done that myself now and will let you know what I hear back.

FYI looks like this was unintentional and will be reverted.

This has been resolved. Please feel free to use the feedback button to report any other issues on the documentation site.

I certainly will, Ana. I've unfortunately been conditioned by most other websites that the "Feedback" button is roughly as useful as the "Close Door" button on an elevator.

I should have known better! laugh