· Apr 15

JDBC Gateway connection failed

@Vicky Li 
@Thanongsak Chamung 
@Warlin Garcia 
@Eduard Lebedyuk 
@Enrico Parisi 
@Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 

We are getting this error. All the drivers, URL and credential are tested and existed. it works fine sometime but also getting this error more often. Please advise the root cause and its respective solution. The business service that is using out of the box Java service (classname: EnsLib.JavaGateway.Service adapter classname: EnsLib.JavaGateway.ServiceAdapter) is throwing this error.

The configured "SOMEDSN" has passed the JDBC Connection test successfully with the external database (ORACLE)
Type: Error

Text: Error initializing result update service. tSC=ERROR #JDBC Gateway connection failed for "SOMEDSN": Unknown status code: <UserErrors>JDBC Gateway connection failed for "SOMEDSN)

Session: (none)

Job: 27421

$$^zProcessInput+12 ^Ens.BusinessService.1 +1

$$^zOnTask+1^Ens.InboundAdapter.1 +1

$$^zOnTask+29^Ens.BusinessService.1 +1

DO^zStart+62^Ens.Job.1 +2

Product version: Ensemble 2017.1
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