Shane M Elliott · Oct 17, 2022

Iris Docker 2020: Invalid ownership for ./irisdb

I have installed Iris in Docker container with the above version.  I need to create an additional user to log in via ssh.  I have created a user and put in both the irisuser and irisowner groups, and created a user in iris with permissions.  But, when I run "iris session iris" I originally got an error about permissions: /usr/irissys/bin/irisdb: Permission denied.

I looked @ the /usr/irisys directory and the permissions was only (r-x------).  I changed to (dr-xr-xr-x.)and now I get a different error:

Invalid ownership for ./irisdb

Any suggestions? 

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2020.1.3 (Build 521U) Wed Mar 16 2022 15:24:10 EDT
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terminate your Dockerfile with  USER irisowner as last line

Thanks, I have this as the last line:
that is the same, correct? I will try irisowner. 

You don't suppose to touch the permissions of irisdb

the user should always be irisowner.

Why do you need SSH, and another user? What exactly are you trying to implement?

I second @Dmitry Maslennikov 's question here.  Adding SSH to your container makes ongoing maintenance more complicated and there may be alternatives that will be simpler for you long-term.


I am have a couple of  instances of VA VistA for development that I support for multiple development teams in VA.  The ssh function is to allow users to log into the VistA "interactive menus" interface. I allow ssh as a non root user and part of the .bash_profile I run iris session iris -U db '^ZU'.  this launches the VistA access/verify code login. This has worked with my cache version of a docker image before I upgraded to iris, another version of docker iris (2020) but for some reason this version (2020) is installing different (same dockerfile and docker-compose).  I am afraid to try and re-build the other container for fear this will start happening on that one as well.  

interesting, there is an irisuser defined on install.  if I su to irisuser I get the same error. 

After some more reading, I believe what I am attempting to do is beyond the scope of the standard iris docker images.  I have a different plan to achieve what I need pls disregard this question.  thx. 

Shane, I'm glad you figured a way forward.  VistA is special among applications.  If you run into more issues, it might be worth contacting the WRC for help.