· Oct 17, 2022

Iris Docker 2020: Invalid ownership for ./irisdb

I have installed Iris in Docker container with the above version.  I need to create an additional user to log in via ssh.  I have created a user and put in both the irisuser and irisowner groups, and created a user in iris with permissions.  But, when I run "iris session iris" I originally got an error about permissions: /usr/irissys/bin/irisdb: Permission denied.

I looked @ the /usr/irisys directory and the permissions was only (r-x------).  I changed to (dr-xr-xr-x.)and now I get a different error:

Invalid ownership for ./irisdb

Any suggestions? 

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2020.1.3 (Build 521U) Wed Mar 16 2022 15:24:10 EDT
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I am have a couple of  instances of VA VistA for development that I support for multiple development teams in VA.  The ssh function is to allow users to log into the VistA "interactive menus" interface. I allow ssh as a non root user and part of the .bash_profile I run iris session iris -U db '^ZU'.  this launches the VistA access/verify code login. This has worked with my cache version of a docker image before I upgraded to iris, another version of docker iris (2020) but for some reason this version (2020) is installing different (same dockerfile and docker-compose).  I am afraid to try and re-build the other container for fear this will start happening on that one as well.