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After some more reading, I believe what I am attempting to do is beyond the scope of the standard iris docker images.  I have a different plan to achieve what I need pls disregard this question.  thx. 

interesting, there is an irisuser defined on install.  if I su to irisuser I get the same error. 

I am have a couple of  instances of VA VistA for development that I support for multiple development teams in VA.  The ssh function is to allow users to log into the VistA "interactive menus" interface. I allow ssh as a non root user and part of the .bash_profile I run iris session iris -U db '^ZU'.  this launches the VistA access/verify code login. This has worked with my cache version of a docker image before I upgraded to iris, another version of docker iris (2020) but for some reason this version (2020) is installing different (same dockerfile and docker-compose).  I am afraid to try and re-build the other container for fear this will start happening on that one as well.  

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