· Mar 30, 2021

IRIS and VsCode Questions

Hi Community,


I'm developing an IRIS environment for a project and I would like to take some questions to pass on to the developers that I haven't found yet here in the community:


1. Is it possible to debug the process in VSCode in real time?

2. How can we use the terminal in VsCode for some configuration or just import applications (Example: Web Terminal)?

Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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1. Yes, there a few options for debugging ObjectScript code in VSCode, including running any class method or routine, attach to a running process, only CSP debugging not supported, yet

2. VSCode offers a ways to run system’s terminal internally. And you can run IRIS terminal there, if you working locally. If you working remotely, you’ll need to configure remote access to it, with ssh or telnet, and connect to it from VSCode internal terminal. Yes, as an option could be web terminal.

Hi John, Dmitriy and Tani

Please can you point me to the instructions on how to invoke the IRIS terminal from VS Code. I am busy creating documents that are collections of comments/replies/examples from the DC on a particular topic e.g. Terminal Options from with VS Code

I am also creating documents that link all V S Code extensions, Examples and so on into a common Reference Index to make it easier for a developer who is new to VS Code to have a single source that will list all DC or Open Exchange articles/Questions and Solutions and use the hyperlinks in the document to pull some or all of the contents to their laptop for installation/evaluation and probably use.

So any documents or examples that you have created and are willing to share with me will be greatly appreciated.

Once the document(s) are complete I will post them to DC.