· Apr 5

Introducing mg_web

Hot on the heels of our announcement last week about our ultra-high-performance mg-dbx-napi JavaScript interface for IRIS, we are now pleased to announce a significant new technology - mg_web - which not only represents a new paradigm for JavaScript Web Frameworks, but also delivers significantly higher performance than even the fastest of the established Node.js Web Frameworks, whilst leveraging all the benefits of the big-three industry-standard Web Servers.

Designed with the use of mg-dbx-napi in mind, it's allows straightforward creation of robust, high-performance server-side JavaScript API platforms that also fully exploit the high-performance and flexibility of the IRIS database.

mg_web is pre-installed and ready to try out for yourself in our mg-showcase Container for IRIS.

Read all about mg_web here.

This document sets out the rationale for why we developed mg_web and why it's a more sensible approach than the usual JavaScript Web Frameworks for real-world systems.

And finally, check out the results of our benchmark tests which you can try for yourself on your own hardware using our mg-showcase Container for IRIS

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I did initial testing with mg_web over the weekend, it's impressive how easy you can use this module to create web pages with a Caché/IRIS instance as back-end. With the latest version, you can not only write your webpages in ObjectScript, but now also completely in JavaScript (using your data in IRIS)!

The nice thing is that this module also supports all three major webservers (Apache, Nginx and IIS).

Benchmark results look very impressive: e.g. with an IRIS db as back-end you see orders of magnitude faster performance compared to some well-known databases.