· Jun 9, 2020

Introducing the InterSystems IRIS Server Migration Guide

The Documentation team in InterSystems Learning Services is happy to announce the new InterSystems IRIS Server Migration Guide!

Have you ever wanted to copy, move, or clone an instance of InterSystems IRIS to a new server? Maybe the operating system on the old server is no longer supported, or maybe you want to add a new member to an existing mirror. Migrating your application databases is easy, but what about your tasks, users, roles, resources, and other security settings? What do you need to migrate, and how best to do it?

The new InterSystems IRIS Server Migration Guide will give you step-by-step guidelines to help you plan and execute your migration.

Major topics include:

  • Provisioning the new server
  • Copying the license key
  • Migrating the Configuration Parameter File (CPF)
  • Migrating databases
  • Exporting and importing security settings (including users, roles, resources, services, and applications)
  • Exporting and importing Task Manager tasks
  • Exporting and importing custom code in the %SYS namespace
  • Using migration to create a new mirror member
  • Using migration to move a mirror to new servers

Read the InterSystems IRIS Server Migration Guide today!

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Hello Harshdeep!

If you want to move to a new server, migrating your security settings from one version of InterSystems IRIS to another is not recommended. For example, if you import your users from 2019.1 to 2021.1, you may see the following error:

ERROR #1458: Incompatible import version for Security.Users.  Must be from version 2021.1.0 or later 

You might want to consider doing a migration from 2019.1 to another server on the same version and then doing an upgrade to 2021.1.

If you want to stay on the same server, follow Eduard's advice.

Hope this helps!