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· Oct 21, 2020

InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health 2020.3 with IntegratedML are GA (Generally Available)

GA releases are now published for the 2020.3 version of InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, with IntegratedML!

This is the first InterSystems IRIS release that includes IntegratedML, a new feature that brings "best of breed" machine learning to analysts and developers via simple and intuitive SQL syntax. Developers can now easily train and deploy powerful predictive models from within IRIS, right where their data lives. Documentation for IntegratedML is available as a User Guide. Virtual Summit 2020 features a number of sessions and an Experience Lab featuring IntegratedML, see overview here. See also content about IntegratedML on the Learning Services IntegratedML Resource Guide.

For this release:

NOTE: Full installation kits are provided for a subset of server platforms on the WRC, which will give customers who do not use containers the option to use IntegratedML now, with the option to upgrade to the 2021.1 Extended Maintenance release.

The build number for these releases is 2020.3.0.302.0.

Community Edition containers can be pulled from ICR using the following commands:

  • docker pull
  • docker pull
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