· Oct 1, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange September 2020 Digest

Hey Developers,
Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in September 2020.
General stats:
327 published applications
370 downloads in September
708 developers joined

New applications (10)
iris-fullstack-template by Evgeny Shvarov
This template shows you how to build, test and deploy a simple full-stack application using InterSystems IRIS REST API
csvgen-ui by Guillaume Rongier
An angular frontend for Csvgen app.
workflowUI-ngx by Sergey Sarkisyan
Workflow UI implementation with Angular, Bulma and PrimeNG
ALPHA LOGISTICS by Jamil de Mattar
Alpha SW is an integrated management solution for SUPPLY CHAIN which embrace industries as Health Care,Oil and Gas and Retail, among others.
Native-API-for-ObjectScript by Robert Cemper
A small demo on how to use Native API for InterSystems ObjectScript
covid-ai-demo-deployment by Zhong Li
"Covid-19 AI demo in Docker" deployment including dockerised Flask, FastAPI, Tensorflow Serving and HA Proxy etc etc.
sqltools-intersystems-driver by Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems support for SQL in the SQLTools extension to Visual Studio Code
iris-ldap-auth by Tomohiro Iwamoto
Example of how to setup IRIS and OpenLDAP for LDAP user authentication
SAM by Luca Ravazzolo
System Alerting and Monitoring (SAM) is a solution for monitoring clusters of InterSystems IRIS instances.
apptools-task by Sergey Mikhailenko
An example of a backup task with preliminary deletion of old files.
New releases (10)
covid-19 analytics by Evgeny Shvarov
  • A new release of COVID-19 Analytics Confirmed to Population information is introduced. 
  • Readme updated

EnsembleWorkflow by Eduard Lebedyuk
  • Handler support for special types (URLs and images).

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Some small fixes in filtering for isfs.
  • Fixed connection info in Explorer.
  • Extra links for server.
  • Support creating classes, routines, webapp files on isfs.
  • Some fixes in formatting provider.
  • Option to suppress error messages.
  • Ignore case for script and sql in diagnostics.
  • Option to disable debug this method action.
  • Password prompt, live connection status.
  • Show current place (label+pos^routine) in status bar for INT code.
  • Fix syntax highlighting.
  • Support for ${namespace} in links.
  • Support for custom address in isfs.
  • Multi select in explorer view for mass export.
  • Fix errors in embedded JS code.
  • Fix diagnostic error for values in quotes.
  • Support $ETRAP system variable.
  • Fix opening Docker terminal.
  • Use intersystems.servers object for more flexible connection definitions.
  • Recommend intersystems-community.servermanager extension for management of intersystems.servers definitions.
  • Support server-side source control and other server-side commands.
  • Add isfs-readonly scheme to give readonly access to server code.
  • Improve class snippets and implement snippets for routines.
  • Be less strict about spaces in header of routines.
  • Handle objectscript.format.commandCase set to invalid value.
  • Make command titles conform to VS Code style.
  • Support compilation for more file types.
  • Display CSP and Other files in ObjectScript Explorer.
  • Add option to show system files in ObjectScript Explorer.
  • Make View Another Namespace... command in ObjectScript Explorer only apply to the selected server.
  • Fix several issues with terminal in Docker.
  • Fix some debugging issues.
  • Respect original EndOfLine in file when loading changes from server.
  • Alert on import error.
  • Resolve diagnostic issue in html style block.
  • Added diagnostic to warn if non-latin characters found in class element.
  • Webpack extension to reduce size.
  • Fix retrieval of password when objectscript.conn.server defers to Server Manager.
  • Fix command completions, broken in 0.8.7.
  • Improve ObjectScript Explorer:
    • Files that will be loaded from local workspace now show their filetype icon and a full path tooltip.
    • Fix rare case where code would load from wrong place.
  • Skip compilation of local CSP files for now.
  • Improve handling of server modification date comparisons.
  • Fix incorrect Studio Action "Changed Namespace" not supported message in output channel.
  • New objectscript.autoShowTerminal option controlling whether terminal shows automatically when connected to docker-compose. Default is false.
  • Add document.
  • Improve README information about username and password in settings.
  • Fix saving of isfs-type server-side editing, broken in 0.8.8.
  • Implement double-click opening from ObjectScript Explorer.
  • Make ObjectScript Explorer handle non-isfs multi-server multi-root workspace correctly.
  • Reload VS Code Explorer tree after successful connection.
  • Fix some issues with export.addCategory setting:
    • Resolve error when non-string was used as folder value.
    • If setting contains multiple patterns, check all of them, in given order.
  • Fix server-side searching of isfs-type root that uses intersystems.servers for its connection.
    • Server-side searching uses a VS Code API that is still (1.48) at "proposed" stage. See here for instructions on how to use this pre-release feature.
  • No longer use progress indicator when server-side source control displays a page.
  • Do not call server-side AfterUserAction if not necessary.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.
  • Change publisher id to be 'intersystems-community'.
  • Refresh correctly from server after isfs-type save and compile.
  • Swap the two sides displayed by a compare invoked after local file import conflict. Server copy is now on the left, to match convention elsewhere in VS Code.
  • Fix Import and Compile Current File.
  • Exclude invalid commands from Command Palette.
  • New documentation site using GitHub Pages.
  • Add API functions for use by other extensions.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.
  • Fix problem that caused isfs-type saves to report incorrectly that server version was newer.
  • Prevent silent overwrite on retry after an import was initially canceled because of server-side difference.
  • Serialize and deduplicate initial credential prompting when a multi-server workspace is opened.
  • Make server-side extension pages launch correctly when intersystems.servers is used for the connection.
  • Fix tag+line^routine display in status bar, and extend it from INTs to MACs.
  • Fix broken badges on extension's page.
  • Make changes for Theia compatibility.
  • Improve README.
  • Add missing 0.9.0 CHANGELOG.
  • Implement Add Server Namespace to Workspace... command and surface it on folder context menus in VS Code Explorer.
  • Add Choose Server and Namespace button to VS Code Explorer view when no folder or workspace is open. This provides a quick way to get started with server-centric development, particularly when combined with the 'just-in-time' connection definition enhancement that arrived in version 0.0.7 of the Server Manager extension.

HIS qMS by Vera Nikitina
  • uploaded the logo

iris-fhir-portal by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
  • Included zpm installation

iris-fhir-template by Evgeny Shvarov

objectscriptQuality for VSCode by Daniel
  • Abilite to enable/disable rules on disconnected mode

BridgeWorks VDM by Tony Coffman
  • v10 features a new Report Scheduler and Automation process that has an Outlook inspired look and feel.
  • Introducing a new feature called Insights, a report repository and data warehouse that is powered by the Scheduler.
  • New MSI Installation Package for easier installation and deployment across the enterprise.

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • added support for addons
  • added settings menu
  • most of the settings now can be changed in realtime
  • added support for "ns" param on login screen
  • added realtime customization of chart colors
  • optimized widget loading on dashboard
  • added "view as" context menu item for charts
  • added "export" to context menu
  • improved context menu design
  • added optimization for dashboard widget for future 'content-visibility' feature
  • optimized speed of dashboard widgets loading and user interaction
  • new implementation of chart printing(now printed as svg, faster and no flickering on main screen, as old implementation renders chart in DOM)
  • changed behavior of widgets while dragging, now they have infinitive vertical scroll
  • improved UX of context menu, if it opened near edge of the screen, it's to be opened opposite edge, so context menu can't never shown offscreen
  • fixed issue with missing controls on empty widget
  • small fix for sidebar positioning
  • simplified layout for text widget(removed % calcs, etc. small performance increase)
  • fixed issue during navigation when editing dashboard
  • fixed few memory leaks due to forgotten subscriptions
  • changed layout of sidebar menus
  • small fixes for style variables of filter(for future correct themes support)
  • fixed issue with default(without user configuration) widget placement on dashboards

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov
  • Fixed error messaging for importing issues

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