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Thomas Carroll · Apr 5, 2019

InterSystems IRIS Community Edition Now Available On The Docker Store

Hi Community!

We're pleased to announce that that InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is available on the Docker Store! InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is the no-cost developer edition designed to lower the barriers to entry to get started with IRIS. Now that it is listed on the Docker Store, running an IRIS Community instance is as easy as -

docker run -d -p 52773:52773 store/intersystems/iris:2019.1.0.511.0-community


For more on running IRIS in containers check out our Documentation or one of the many Community posts on the topic!


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Confirming that! 

Really great news, Joe!

What are the limitations of Community edition?

One limitation I can see straight away is that this version only includes outdated files for Node.js (ie the iris*.node files).  All I see is iris610.node and iris700.node.  Is there a reason why the Node.js version 8 and version 10 interface files haven't been included?

Thanks, Rob!

Introduced your issue here. Please share more requests and feedback there

There's a section about Community Edition limitations in the document at

Here's a screenshot of what it currently says:

A big disappointment for me is the exclusion of namespace mapping. Those of us who create tools for the InterSystems world commonly use namespace mapping to make our tools available in the users' namespaces. See Evgeny's article here

I downloaded IRIS Community edition (store/intersystems/iris:2019.1.0.510.0-community) and was able to create package and global mappings without any issues.

I was able to create the mappings, but they don't seem to work for me. Not even after an IRIS restart.

I'm using the %ALL pseudo-namespace.

I created these mappings (no restarts):

  • Ens* global mapping for ENSLIB -> USER
  • DeepSee* global mapping for ENSLIB -> %ALL
  • Ens* package mapping for ENSLIB -> USER

Here's the result:

I notice that your mappings get code from ENSLIB

My use-case is a bit different.

Can you create a new database and namespace pair called XYZ and then define a %ALL mapping so that the globals ^XYZ and the routines XYZ* and the package XYZ get fetched from your XYZ namespace from all other namespaces, e.g. USER ?

I'd expect mappings to ENSLIB to work, otherwise the "Ensemble" features of IRIS would be broken in Community Edition.

It seems to me that those are allowed but mappings we define to our own databases get ignored.

Yeah, apparently only DeepSee and Ens packages/globals can be mapped successfully.

Tried random package and it didn't show up even after mapping to %ALL.

This is a restriction in the Community Edition and it is what is meant by

All InterSystems IRIS functionality is included except the following:

You can create mappings and activate configurations which contain mappings if that is useful for some purpose (eg. building a configuration for someone else) however all mappings which do not involve a system database are ignored.