· Jul 19, 2022

Inquisitive Summer on Developer Community. Ask questions - get double points!

Hi Community!

We hope you have an exciting and inspirational summer (or winter, depending on where are you located)! 

Today we launch the Inquisitive Summer on the Developer Community. Which means:

  • double points on Global Masters for questions - now 400 points / each!
  • new special "Key Question" badge awarded to the authors whose questions considered as having the biggest impact.
  • 5 questions published? get 2,000 points to celebrate and a Curious Member badge from the 3rd Specialist level on Global Masters.
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+400 points
per published question

NEW "Key Question" badge
+ related tag to your question

Curious Member
+2,000 points


Already know an answer to your question? Publish a question + answer to yourself 

Very often in daily work, we meet a brand new task to be solved. We have questions and we figure out answers ourselves. This summer we suggest you share such cases with the Community. Is it very likely that someone just behind you in a couple of steps? You can save some time for your peers! 

Questions, ideas? Let us know!

Please note: Points and badges awarded automatically on the 4th day after publishing. Rating of the question should be neutral (zero votes) or positive. Questions from the Developer Community Feedback group are not counted. Use the "Question" type of the post.

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