This is an EXCELLENT primer for developers that have not yet explored machine learning.  I saw this live and learned a lot in 1 hour.  I highly recommend it.   Thank you Don Woodlock!

Although the Alert uses a trigger as an example, the exposure is not limited to triggers.  This is just a simple example to explain it.   Some staff, and I expect some clients too, may read the alert and assume that only triggers are exposed.  Unfortunately, this is only one case of nested statements.

Thanks for advocating for this community site and for your encouragement.  We are expanding the team, hopefully by a lot, and we have a plan for improvements over the next couple of months and for the longer term too.  There's a lot to do and we'll get there quickly.  I'm very committed to helping our clients have a productive and fun online experience.  And, I hope that you continue to encourage us and tell us what you think.  Thank you!

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