· Dec 13, 2022

Ignore BREAKs


I'm running a unit test via terminal, and sometimes someone from another team/squad add a few BREAKs and my tests stop until I skip one by one.

Is there a way to ignore BREAKs?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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If you have just a few breaks, one of the possible solutions has been given by Robert CemperIn case, you have tons of those breaks, you could execute the unit test in background:

job ^performUnitTest

assumed, your unittest can work in background and all the output goes, for example, in a file.

The solution for the case you let run the unittest in a terminal session, could be something like this

do turnOffBreaks, performUnitTest, turnOnBreaks

The only problem is, to turn breaks off (or on), you need one view command, one $view() function and one $zutil() function (to get the right address for the view-s). Unfortunatelly, the use of the above tools is discouraged, so your best bet is, to ask WRC for a help.

It might be easier just to always make your BREAK commands conditional like (Robert Cemper suggests above).  Do it like:


Use your own name for "MyName".

Then you do SET ^|"USER"|MyNameBreakAppEnable=1 to enable break points and
KILL ^|"USER"|MyNameBreakAppEnable to turn break points off.

Change the name of "App" to conditionalize break points for use in different applications.  And "USER" is a scratch namespace available on all the instances you plan to do debugging on.

Discourage the use of hard coded breaks in the first place! There are alternatives.

  • Use ZBREAK Tag+OffSet^Routine to set a break point just for the current process
  • Use the debugger in Cache´ Studio (under the Debug menu and attach to a process)
  • George James has a decent debugger in Serenjii
  • Put something in your processes to remove hard coded break points when you promote code through the development cycle (you can automate this if you try)