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How to Setup a Company on Open Exchange

Hi Developers!

Many of you work in the companies which produce tools, solutions, frameworks on InterSystems Data Platforms.

You can list your Company on Open Exchange to have an option to publish tools, solutions, and frameworks on behalf of your Company:

This article describes how to do that.

First of all, you need to sign in to Open Exchange.

Once you signed in you can open the Profile -> Company menu and see the large Add Company button:


Here in InterSystems Open Exchange, we suppose that one person has the one company he wants to be listed on Open Exchange. Let us know if this is the opposite.

Feel in all the mandatory fields in the editor and save it:

Once you save it you can ad the company logo with Upload image menu:

This is how people will see your company's profile on Open Exchange. If you are satisfied with it send it for Approval for publishing:

Once the request is approved you'll see you company listed on the Companies section of the site and developers will be able to "Follow" the company for the releases on Open Exchange and you'll be able to submit applications on behalf of the company.

To do that use the checkbox Publish the application on behalf "Company name":

Once the application is approved it will be listed in the Applications gallery and also on the companies page:


Please submit your comments below if you have any questions and also submit suggestions and bug reports here.

Looking forward to seeing your Companies listed on Open Exchange and stay tuned!

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