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How to Make a Post and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, InterSystems Developer Community!

We are working to improve this site to make it comfortable to read, contribute, share and get answers from InterSystems Developer Community!

But while we haven't fixed some UI issues please find in this post some simple answers on how to deal with Developer Community.

How to add post?

Open Communities page, choose desired e.g. Caché and click "Create New Post" button.


How  to subscribe to the post's updates?

To subscribe to post's updates and get them via email click on Favorite link under the post digest.  For example:


How  can I manage post's header ?

Suppose you've created article and want to add several sentences in it's annotation.

To do it switch Editor to "Filtered HTML" mode and enter <!--break--> tag in the end of annotation.

Otherwise your annotation will be trimmed to one-two sentences. Like here:

To be continued. Stay tuned!

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Content rating is going to get completely reworked, most likely to the +1/-1 system. Any change to the current rating scheme was unintentional. We'll be doing releases each week for the next few weeks and rating changes will likely be in the release two weeks from now. Next two releases will focus on the following:

- more UI layout and usability enhancements

- improvements to authoring / editing

- new content types (articles vs. generic postings)

- internal tools for porting content from other systems

- new content filtering options

If you paste table from somewhere else, when creating a post, sometimes borders may be undisplayed. To fix that switch into HTML view (via "Disable rich-text" button) and find the beginning of your table definition. It would look somewhat like that:

<table class="confluenceTable">

And replace it with:

<table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1">