· Jul 1, 2017

How to Enable iKnow Functionality in InterSystems Caché

In my cache studio i couldn't find the a namespace of iknow so how can i check is my studio version is compatible to to the one i am using now. If i don't have one then can be able to create a new namespace in studio?

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Here's a way of discovering if your license includes the iKnow feature:

USER>w $system.License.GetFeature(11)

A return value of 1 indicates that you are licensed for iKnow. If the result is 0 then your license does not include iKnow.

See here for documentation about this method, which tells you that 11 is the feature number for iKnow.

Regarding namespaces, these are created in Portal, not in Studio. See this documentation.

Thanks John,

indeed, you'd need a proper license in order to work with iKnow. If the method referred above would return 0, please contact your sales representative to request a temporary trial license and appropriate assistance for implementing your use case.

Also, iKnow doesn't come as a separate namespace. You can create (regular) namespaces as you prefer and use them to store iKnow domain data. You may need to enable your web application for iKnow, which is disabled by default for security reasons in the same way DeepSee is. See this paragraph here for more details.