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How Does InterSystems FHIR profile validation works?

Hi folks!

Examining FHIR profile validation with InterSystems FHIR server. FHIR profiles is a very useful feature of FHIR standard that helps an organization or solution to establish constraints to a very disperse FHIR standards that are relevant to a particular business solution. Learn more on FHIR profiles.

I created a very simple FHIR profile with the following JSON:


As you can see in "differential" section it makes mandatory fields of id, name and gender.

I managed to successfully submit the profile via the POST request to:


Then I submitted the following test Patient profile, where I omitted the "id" field and included the FHIR profile link in the meta section to:




"resourceType": "Patient",

"meta": {

"profile": [



"text": {

"div": "‹div xmlns=\"\"><h1>Elon Musk</hi>/div>",

"status": "generated"

"name": [


"use": "official",

"given": [


"family": "Ramesh"


"gender": "male",

"birthDate": "1997-09-08",

"telecom": [


"value": "9876543210",

"use": "mobile",

"system": "phone"


"system": "email",

"value": ""



And instead of the expected error I'm getting the successfully created patient.

What am i doing wrong? How are the FHIR validation profiles supposed to be used in InterSystems FHIR server?

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Thanks @Muhammad Waseem !

I know about FHIR schema json opportunity and use it too.

But what I'm talking about here in this question is revealed in this video. 

Besides Patient resource we can submit "StructureDefinition" resource (listed above in a spoiler), which introduces constraints in the FHIR standard in this particular FHIR server I'm working with.

And the second example above is the Patient resource with this profile in meta section which FHIR server should use to "fire" constraints. But it doesn't.

@Patrick Jamieson , could you please help here?