· Oct 17, 2023

FHIR Profile Validation Issues

Hello Community,

I've created my FHIR patient profile and POST into FHIR endpoint in Intersystems FHIR Server.  


 I use the profile url into my Patient resource without the meet the profile requirements.


The resource is stored successfully in the FHIR Server instead of a FHIR exception.

Why the resource doesn't validate with the mentioned profile?

Is this profile validation is really a intersystems FHIR server job or the validation implementation is available now  ?

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2023.2 (Build 227) Mon Jul 31 2023
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I've no idea about how IRIS FHIR Server works with the profiling but according to FHIR documentation...Did you define in the meta element the profile property for the Patient resource? In theory you have to include that info to apply the profiling for the resource.

You can find here the description of profile property in FHIR documentation

It should be something like this:

    <profile value= "http://localhost:52773/fhirr4/StructureDefinition"></profile>

Hi, FHIR Profile Validation will be support with IRIS 2023.3.


There are several exciting new features in this release, such as support to base HL7® FHIR® version R5, and the integration with the IBM FHIR® Validator. There are also runtime performance improvements for ObjectScript.  Note that these features are expected, but nor assured to appear in the final release. 

Mean while, you can use community edition of Profile Validation :