· Nov 13, 2017

How can I see serverside and webpage output while developing on the Atelier 1.1 pluging platform?

"Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi"?

I’ve hit the wall. I’m a one person shop who wants to start developing Cache on a mac using Eclipse/Atelier, after using Studio for the last 5 years. I’ve installed the 1.1 beta plugin, watched 6 or 7 videos from the September conference, tried several times to work through the cheat sheets, only to have connection issues or compilation issues, so at this point, I’m feeling very frustrated. The videos were interesting, but generally didn’t work as tutorials for fundamental programming operations, for me.

I feel comfortable with Objectscript and Zen development in Studio. What I need are step by step Atelier instructions, such as have been offered in previous excellent Cache tutorials to:

1. Run compiled Cache class and routine serverside code and see its output on a Terminal equivalent.
2. Run compiled CSP/Zen code and see its output to a web browser.

Where a plugin is needed, would you recommend which plugins are closest to Studio in functionality? (Also, any recommendations for Objectscript plugins?) I would guess you want to be agnostic, but I would think suggesting plugins that work most similarly to Studio...should be okay?

I can see many good reasons for InterSystems to switch to Eclipse, but I see no reason for there to be no way to see what the completed class code should look like at the end of each cheat sheet. You could even do a quick and dirty video of someone going through the cheat sheets in a true step by step manner. I suspect it could be done in 45 minutes using mac’s QuickTime screen recording app.

Any thoughts?



Bob Harris

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Hi Bob,

Have you seen the Atelier tutorial videos? We're making more of them to help you get started more easily. "Atelier Equivalents for Studio Actions" from Documentation might also be useful to you. Also, please feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions. You're not a one person shop - we're always here to help.


Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your response. I think I'll be okay on Terminal.

Perhaps my question should be stated as, does one use Launch Configuration or something else to run CSP/Zen apps? If plugins are needed, which one of the plugins offer similar functionality to Studio?

The saw the video, "Concepts of Modern Web Application Design", pointed to many possible new alternatives now available to Cache developers through the use of Eclipse/Atelier. But, those options are far more than I would need, at this time.

I guess I'm looking for the equivalent procedure of pressing function key (<F5>?) in Studio that I can use to immediately run my compiled CSP/Zen code as a browser web page for debugging.

Is there a different video that explains the Atelier version of that <F5> key? I didn't recognize anything like that in the Studio-Atelier equivalent chart.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Bob Harris

Hi Bob,

I've found the Terminal plugin useful for running server side code and viewing the output while I'm developing. You can dock it to the bottom of the Atelier window so it works like the Output window in Studio. The difference is that with Terminal you have to explicitly connect to the sever with SSH or Telnet. There's some relevant documentation here: