Scott Roth · Feb 20, 2019

HL7 ORU^R40 Schema Structure

We are currently on 2015.2.2 and in schema structures for vs 2.6 HL7 I do not have a ORU^R40.  Its for a GE Device alarm. Has anyone hear of this structure, have a way to export it, and can send it to me so I don't have to build from scratch?



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Hi Scott.

I have just taken a look, and it doesn't seem to appear in anything I have (Highest being v2.7.1). Looking around online, ORU^R40 was apparently introduced in HL7 V2.8.

I have Field Test 2019.1 loaded on another PC. If I export 2.8.HL7 from it, can I, or will it work in version 2015.2.2??

Are schemas backwards compatible within Ensemble?


Specific schema structures can be added to the suite of InterSystems Products to accommodate new structures.  This can cause compatibility issues when trying to export new HL7 schema packages to older products.  So the answer is, "It depends on the schema and the version being imported to."

For your specific question, 2.8.HL7 is expected to import into 2015.2.2 without issues.  If you experience any problems with this, please reach out to InterSystems for additional investigation.