Coty Embry · Jul 15, 2020

HealthShare - importing xml after exporting as xml from Studio on a different server is double importing my .csp file(s)

Im exporting our xml project from a QA server that has NOT upgraded to a production server that has been upgraded to HealthShare.

We are importing the exported xml over to this production server that is on HealthShare.

Now I havent been able to find the document link today, but I remember reading HealthShare puts all of the imports under a csp/healthshare/ directory.

We are able to view our .csp pages after importing them as xml into Studio on the production server running on HealthShare

The issue is the imported file gets imported on the server's filesystem MORE THAN ONCE at:





Why? We dont want this, we only want the one that will be used, and thats the csp/healthshare/ one right?...

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I don't know the answer to this, but since you haven't gotten any responses here, I'd suggest opening a case with the WRC so someone can investigate it fully. Please include the $zv string from both instances involved, as well as the location of the installation (as I suspect that is relevant to the problem you're seeing).

My guess is this has something to do with your web application definitions in HealthShare, but I don't have any conclusive suggestions, so I'd second Pete's suggestion.