Iain Fletcher · Jan 23, 2018

greater-than or equal to sign in ZEN select component


Is it possible to include the ≥ or ≤ in a ZEN select component?  i.e. 

<select id="condition" label="Condition" valueList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥" displayList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥"/>

I have tried &ge; and &le; but these also do not work.  If I inspect the options in the browser and edit with these characters they display correctly but just not when loaded in the zen page.




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I believe you should be able to use "&gt;="

&gt;= appears as >= which  I had originally but is not what the customer is asking for.

Yes I have tried these and both display as ? as well.  I have tried on Edge/IE 11/chrome/safari browsers and all look the same.

I just tried adding your element to ZENDemo.Home.cls SAMPLE page, and it worked just fine. I added it after the element with id "description"

<html id="description" width="800" OnDrawContent="DrawDescription"/>
<select id="condition" label="Condition" valueList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥" displayList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥"/>

Perhaps include a picture of what you are seeing?

I just see 2 ? where these characters should be.

Thanks for spotting this.  All sorted now.

The windows version is not Unicode

Interesting on my macOS instance it works
Cache for UNIX (Apple Mac OS X for x86-64) 2016.2.2 (Build 853U) Fri Apr 7 2017 13:51:27 EDT

but windows it does not

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 736) Fri Sep 30 2016 11:46:13 EDT

Have you tried using the numeric form?  They are &#8804; and &#8805; for these characters.

Let us know if it works.