Sean Connelly · Dec 9, 2017

GitHub Syntax Highlighting for UDL / CLS files

Has anyone tried adding syntax highlighting to GitHub for Caché CLS files?

Looking at the list of supported languages and extensions...

It looks like Mumps is supported, and there is also an existing language with a .cls extension, which would account for why I see some very odd highlighting going on with some of my code.

There is a page on contributing a new language here...

Looks like its possible to use extensions more than once for different languages.

If I can find the time I might give it a go. It does however need 1000's of sample .cls files.

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1. cls is used by several others languages there, it's okay.

2. We need more than 100 CLS repositories to add our highlighting to GitHub

3. GitHub language grammar == Atom language grammar. We have one, but it needs work.

cacheobjectscript-udl a good idea!

I have updated Cogs which makes 37 UDL repo's and counting.

I will get in contact with the Linguist team to see how realistic it is to implement UDL with these numbers...

Thanks, Sean!

I have updated Cogs which makes 37 UDL repo's and counting.

Great! Maybe it makes sense to mark our Advent repos with UDL as well.

See also the related post on different GitHub topics on InterSystems.

Thanks, Sean, for raising the topic. 

Actually, they are not all in UDL form of source code. We do want the highlighting of UDL not XML, right?

So I introduced cacheobjectscript-udl tag which lists the repos with COS in UDL.

Please, mark your repos with this topic and we can show up it to github.