· Aug 17, 2021

GitHub has a new feature - VS Code in the cloud

Open up a random ObjectScript project (I think you need to be logged in first for this to work).

For example, the ZPM project

Then press "." (press full stop).

This will open the git repo inside an online instance of VS code.

Perhaps not that exciting for some, but I was impressed. Mainly because it's a good demo of editing ObjectScript in the cloud. As much as I like VS code locally, I still can't use it on many sites, and maybe not popular, but I still think IRIS + its own web IDE would be a killer combination. 

Looks like extensions in the marketplace are limited to core / common extensions at the moment, so no syntax highlighting yet.

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github.dev, is just a simple VSCode but in the cloud. It may get a coloring if it would allow at least our main extensions for ObjectScript, which in fact provide a basic coloring. GitHub.com itself uses coloring from another source, which in fact almost the same as for VSCode.

I'll look at github.com, and maybe I will find a solution, how to get coloring there somehow. And thinking about Codespaces feature as well.

I understand them - they indeed provide the cloud infrastructure to host the development and to build and deploy containers then. Somebody pays for all this pleasure.

Nobody prevents from setting up the personal infrastructure similar to CodeSpaces even now. I don't see very much need for myself yet - my mac laptop is enough productive with VSCode and Docker desktop installed.